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8 day small group tour


8 days

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Discover the fascinating nature and diverse wildlife of Sumatra as part of a group tour.

Are you a nature lover, an adventurer at heart or simply looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life? Then North Sumatra in Indonesia is just right for you: a land of untamed jungles, tranquil lakes and vibrant cultures. On an 8-day small group tour with a maximum of 10 travellers, you will explore the breathtaking landscapes of Bukit Lawang, Berastagi and Lake Toba. With transport, accommodation and exciting activities all organised for you, this tour promises an unforgettable experience.

This journey through North Sumatra takes you from the depths of the jungle to the heights of volcanic peaks and the relaxation of tranquil lakeshores. So if you’re ready to get off the beaten track and explore the untamed beauty of North Sumatra, this week-long group tour promises an adventure of a lifetime. You will return home with new memories, shared stories and fulfilled hearts, with a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the natural world and the bonds that are formed through shared discovery.

Trip takes place from 2 travellers. For up to 4 travellers, transport is in a comfortable 6-seater.

Single supplement surcharge is 200 Euro. Solo travelers can also share a room with another solo traveler. Prices for children on request.

Available dates

Date Free Seats (10)
Sunday, 05 May 2024 8
Sunday, 19 May 2024 9
Sonntag, 08 Sep 2024 10
Sonntag, 22 Sep 2024 10
Sonntag, 06 Oct 2024 10
Sonntag, 20 Oct 2024 10
Sonntag, 03 Nov 2024 10
Sonntag, 17 Nov 2024 10

This is a small group tour with fixed start dates. If you would like more flexibility or would like to start on a different day, we also offer a private 7 day Sumatra tour.


  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Transport in minivan
  • Driver & guide, their meals and accommodation
  • 2 days trekking in Bukit Lawang incl. meals
  • Volcano climb in Berastagi with guide
  • Car ferry to Samosir island
  • Sightseeing tour at Lake Toba
  • Flights
  • Other meals
  • Souvenirs

Tour Plan

1 Individual arrival in Medan

Your journey begins in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra. You arrive independently and spend one night in a hotel near the airport. You have the day at leisure. The hotel offers its own restaurant and airport transfer.

Accommodation: d’primahotel Kualanamu Medan

2 Sightseeing and transfer to Bukit Lawang

After breakfast, meet your fellow travellers in the lobby at 10 am. Our driver will welcome you there and you will travel together in a comfortable minivan. You will first explore Medan on a sightseeing tour. You will stop at the Grand Mosque and the Grand Palace, among others.

In the early afternoon, you will continue to the picturesque village of Bukit Lawang (4h), known for its proximity to the lush Gunung Leuser National Park. Here you will be immersed in the heart of the rainforest and meet one of the most endangered animals in the world: the Sumatran orangutan.

Accommodation: Indra Valley Inn, Sam’s Bungalow

3 Jungle Trekking

On the third day, a guided jungle hike awaits you, where you will walk through dense foliage, listen to the symphony of exotic bird songs and, if you are lucky, see orangutans swinging through the trees. Your experienced guides will give you insights into the flora and fauna that are native to this forest, making this tour an educational and unforgettable adventure. The hike takes about 6 hours with breaks. You will stay overnight in a simple dwelling in the middle of the jungle.

If you do not want to spend the night in the jungle, you can also do only a 1-day trek and spend the night in the accommodation. Please indicate this when booking.

4 Jungle Trekking

After breakfast, you will visit a waterfall and can spend time at the camp. After lunch, you will go tubing back to Bukit Lawang. You have the afternoon at leisure.

Accommodation: Indra Valley, Sam’s Bungalow

5 Berastagi Highland Magic

From Bukit Lawang, take a minivan to Berastagi in the highlands (4h). The cool climate, fertile soils and towering volcano Gunung Sibayak make it a perfect destination for exploration.

Berastagi is also known for its lively market where you can sample fresh produce, buy unique handicrafts and strike up a conversation with the friendly locals. The two days you spend here offer a mix of adventure and cultural immersion, making it an all-round great experience.

Accommodation: Brastagi Cottages, Mountain View Guesthouse, Klang Ulu

6 Volcano climb and transport to Lake Toba

Today you have the opportunity to climb Gunung Sibayak and experience a breathtaking view over the surrounding landscape. The feeling when you reach the summit is incomparable. The hike takes about 2-3h there and back.

Afterwards, you say goodbye to Berastagi and your journey takes you to the crown jewel of North Sumatra: Lake Toba. On the way there (4h), you will see the impressive Sipisopiso Waterfall, a breathtaking 120-metre waterfall cascading down a jagged rock face. When you reach Lake Toba, you will be enchanted by the sheer size and tranquillity of this volcanic lake. It is large enough to house the island of Samosir – a destination within a destination. You will cross over to Samosir Island by car ferry.

Accommodation: Tabo Cottages, Horas Family Home

7 Serenity at Lake Toba

Today you will embark on a sightseeing tour of the island. A cultural highlight of the trip is the visit to traditional Batak villages and traditional places and markets on Samosir Island, which give an insight into the culture and architecture of the indigenous people of the region.

The rest of the day is at leisure. You can take leisurely walks along the lake, enjoy water sports or simply relax with a good book on the shore.

8 Transfer to Medan

The small group tour of Sumatra draws to a close. After breakfast, you will return to Medan (4h). Here you can arrange your own onward travel or other stays in Sumatra. Our driver can drop you off at the airport or at a hotel in Medan.

If you want to catch a flight: The earliest arrival at the airport is 3pm.

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