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Welcome to the refreshing highlands of North Sumatra

Visit Berastagi and take your vacation to a whole new level of excitement and fun, adventure and thrill!

Berastagi is known for its passion fruit and is considered a tourist paradise. It is popular for its markets with juicy fruit and colorful vegetables. It offers fertile fields, lush landscapes and spectacular views – a real treat for the eyes. No wonder Berastagi means “rice store”.

Peeking into its history, we get to know that the town of Berastagi rose to significance “when Dutch settlers in Sumatra opened a boarding school there in the 1920s”. And then over time tourists started thronging the place for its outbound spectacular view, picturesque locates and cool weather.

Go meet the locals!

If you have a thing for plantation and nature then this is the perfect place for you to wander around. This place gives you the feels and makes you want to spend your entire existence here. The scenic beauty of the mountainside, the green farms at the foot of giant mountains and active volcanoes residing in Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung are a thing of immense attraction in Berastagi.

An escape to a peaceful life

Berastagi is generally cooler all year round due to its mountainous region, so it will be a refreshing trip away from the hot and humid temperatures in the rest of Sumatra. Berastagi is the perfect choice for you to enjoy a little cooling.

Witness a different culture

The unique Karonese culture is a pure delight to witness, owing to the distinctive lifestyle, architecture, language, food and music. You’d be thrilled to meet the locals, whose simplicity, warmth and love will take you by surprise and give you a time of your life.

Embark on a journey of the tranquil expedition

Admittedly, the city itself is no eye candy, but the surroundings are so beautiful that we always recommend our customers to stop here.

  • Visit local markets, you will discover so many unfamiliar and delicious fruits such as mangosteen, rambutans, the passion fruit and so much more, which you will instantly fall in love with.
  • Hike up to the top of Mount Sibayak and witness breathtaking panoramic views of the town from up there.
  • Climb up the Gundaling and enjoy the spectacular view, visit the recreational park and ride a horse at the foothill of this quaint mountain.
  • Get a taste of the locals’ transportation by riding a Becak (Tuk Tuk).
  • While you are at it, don’t miss out the chance to fly kite in Bukit Kubu.
  • Visit the village of Lingga with its unique houses and walk with our local guide through the surrounding fields and meadows.

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Planning your dream tour to Berastagi

If you have decided to visit Berastagi, use our services for your individual itinerary in Sumatra. We will tailor your tour to your needs. This means that we put together a round trip according to your requirements and wishes. We recommend a visit to Berastagi if you like hiking and want to experience the nature of Sumatra.

Pack your bags and make your way directly to Berastagi, this magical place is waiting to be explored…


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