When trekking in the jungle in Bukit Lawang, there are a number of rules of conduct to follow. Only in this way can we guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Check out our Do’s and Don’ts while jungle trekking.

1. Listen to your guide

Our guides are well trained and know the jungle like the back of their hand. They take care of everyone’s safety, so it is important that you follow the instructions of our guides when trekking in the jungle.

2. Do not feed or touch the animals

It is certainly tempting and maybe some person’s dream of touching or feeding animals during jungle trekking. However, your welfare and that of the animals is our top priority. Therefore we are strictly against feeding and touching. Orangutans in particular share 96% of our DNA. This means that any disease, no matter how small, can be easily transmitted by you and can even kill the animals. So listen to your guide about what to do if you meet animals during your jungle trek.
Do's and Don'ts while jungle trekking

3. Be quiet and keep your distance

You visit the natural habitat of many animal species. Respect their environment and be quiet. Do not come near wild animals either. We recommend a distance of 5-10 metres. Orangutans are very strong, they can easily break your bones. We therefore ask you to always keep your distance. The jungle is not a zoo, wild animals are not predictable. The semi-wild orangutans from the former rehabilitation centre are used to humans. And sometimes they want to touch you. If that happens, stay calm and follow the instructions of your guides.

4. Keep the jungle clean

Leave nothing but footprints and take your rubbish with you. Our guides provide rubbish bags. Even if you see rubbish from others. Take it with you. This also applies to fruit bowls and leftover food. The human germs on them can also infect animals.

5. Be respectful

The Gunung Leuser National Park is a fragile ecosystem. Please do not destroy or pick plants, harm animals, stay on the paths and do not take any fruit with you.

6. Simply enjoy

Our guides will take care of everything and make sure you have a good time. We ask you to follow the above mentioned jungle rules and you will have a unique experience.

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