Most travellers arrive at Medan airport to explore North-Sumatra. Therefore it is handy to know on how to get into the city in case you stay here overnight. Luckily there is a handy solution: The Medan airport train or Kualanamu Airport Rail Link.

This train serves as a vital transportation link connecting Medan to Kualanamu International Airport (KNO) in North Sumatra. Kualanamu International Airport, situated 23 km east of central Medan, replaced the former Polonia International Airport in 2013 due to safety concerns associated with its central location.

The government concurrently developed an integrated airport railway, operational since the airport’s inauguration on July 2013. The Medan airport train station is strategically located opposite the arrivals terminal, offering convenient access for travelers. The train route extends from Kuala Namu airport to the Medan Railway Station in the heart of the city.

Medan airport train station

Kualanamu Airport Rail Link map

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More Information

The schedule of the Medan airport train

Despite its enviable setup, the service has a minor drawback: a limited timetable. However, considering the airport’s size, this seems reasonable. Travelers may encounter waiting times between departures, as the trains operate on a fixed schedule. Fortunately, the station is well-equipped, nestled within the airport’s transport hub alongside a bus station. Travelers can explore nearby cafes and restaurants while enjoying free airport Wi-Fi.

Schedule as of December 2023

For the latest schedule check their website.


The train station in conveniently located oposite the arrival hall. So when you collected your luggage and left the security area, head to the exit. Walk straight ahead and you will see the entrance of the train station. Upon arrival at the station, a prominent sign displays upcoming departures.


Ticket prices are reasonable, with a ticket costing 65,000 IDR (ca 4 Euro). The ticket maschines are located right in the station hall, with an attendant for assistance.

The trains

While not as advanced as electric airport trains in other cities, they provide a comfortable and air-conditioned journey. Dedicated airport carriages with luggage racks cater to the needs of travelers. Although lacking power outlets, the train offers modern facilities, including well-maintained toilets.

Covering a distance of 27 km with a three stops, the journey takes approximately 45 minutes. While not express fast, the train provides a more comfortable alternative to buses or taxis.

The route concludes at Medan Station, conveniently located in the city center, opposite the main square and close to the old town. Travelers seeking convenience and comfort for their airport commute can check the official website for the schedule and plan their journey accordingly, ensuring a smooth and timely arrival or departure experience.