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Go off the beaten track and come close to elephants in the hidden paradise of Tangkahan, a peaceful village between a river and the rainforest. Here you can see rehabilitated elephants from Sumatra! Join their daily bath ritual and help washing the elephants in the river. This is a unique way to get close to these great giants in their natural habitat.When you arrive at Tangkahan you can cross a suspension bridge to go down to the river. From the visitors centre in Tangkahan you walk 15 – 20 minute up river to the Elephant Park.

Or you can just relax and enjoy this amazing place, go for a swim in the river or hotsprings, or walk around the village. There are a few retaurants and guesthouses available.

It takes app. 2 hours to get to Tangkahan by car or motorbike.

This is a perfect activity for families!


Going there by motorbike & washing elephant

75 Euro/per person

Going there by car & washing elephant

100 Euro/per person, minimum 2 person

Including motorbike/car, petrol, driver, local guide, all permits, voucher for elephant washing, local lunch

Thanks to our network we can also organise overnight stays in Tangkahan and trekking tours on site. Just contact us.


We are aware about worldwides criticsm in regards to elephant and animal activities. And we are totally against riding elephants. Although it is possible to do so at Tangkahan, we do not offer this to our guests. We decided to support Tangkahan as an ecotourism location. By booking activities in Tangkahan, you will support conservation and sustainability activities in the area as well as a local team of mahouds and rehabilitated elephants. The local initiative CRU was founded to give the captive elephants a better life as well as to protect the forest, educate locals and tourists. By supporting the people of Tangkahan we helps the locals to find other income than illegal logging, trade of wildlife or working in palmoil plantations.

We also consider that responsible and ethical elephant tourism will help to save the Sumatran elephant, but this requires a high level of care and education. We are against unnatural and abusive practices and strive to improve animal welfare and to promote education.


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