We stayed in Bukit Lawang for 4 days and did a 2 days jungle trekking. Starting off with Bukit Lawang: we loved the town and the big-hearted people! We’ve felt very welcome and enjoyed the daily interactions with the local people. Whether it was just short chats on the street or jam sessions in the evening, they made us feel like we were part of their Bukit Lawang family.
When it comes to the jungle trekking, we can only recommend it hightly! It was without a doubt the highlight of our 3-week indonesia trip. Our guide Safrool took great care of us and made our experience even more special. We’ve met a good friend in him. He managed to infect us with his great love of the jungle and Bukit Lawang! Also, he’s not too shabby at playing the guitar and singing, so don’t miss it!

Finally, booking via Discover Sumatra was a great experience. They organized everything from the pick-up in Medan, the guest house in Bukit Lawang to the jungle trekking ifself. Also, they are very flexible, adapt well to your travel plans and are always on call if you need them.

In a nutshell: we will never forget our trip to Bukit Lawang!

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