We booked a 3 day trekking tour through the Sumatran rainforest, inclusive camping. It was overall an astoundingly awesome experience. Our guides Safrool and Dian are very nice and kind persons, they were competent and took great care of us. The communication in English was good and they told us many things about Sumatra and its wildlife. Also they are very entertaining!
The meals were really good and the quality and quantity too. We felt really safe and saw many orangutans and other animals. In the camps where we stayed for the night was a guy called Ibrahim, he took care of the camps, cooking, cleaning, he did almost everything and was very nice. I want to highlight his work too, because taking care of these things looks like hard work, so does the work of our guides! Thanks for this great experience, I recommend it and would do it again, but next time longer than 3 days!

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